Q. What does a Franchise Fee pay for?
A. Company formation consulting, business plan consulting, finance consulting, architecture design coordination, equipment coordination, construction coordination, product/supply chain coordination, and on-going franchise support.

Q. What is the overall investment range for a Berry Blendz franchise?
A. Currently an average of $142,000 - $309,750

Q. Is the Franchise Fee included in the overall investment?
A. Yes

Q. What is included in the overall investment?
A. Franchise fee, architectural fees, security deposit/first month rent, permits and licenses, insurance premiums, tenant improvement, equipment package, travel/living – training expenses, exterior and interior signage, employee uniforms, utility deposits, start-up inventory, start up advertising, and working capital.

Q. What is the royalty structure?
A. Currently our royalties are between 3-6% depending on whether you have a Traditional or non-traditional store. Traditional stores benefit with a lower royalty structure that starts with the 1st year royalties at 3%, the 2nd year at 4%, and the 3rd and subsequent years at 5%.

Q. How is the royalty fee paid?
A. As outlined in the Berry Blendz FDD, it is currently paid monthly by check or ACH bank transaction.

Q. How long does it take to open a Berry Blendz store?
A. On average, it takes 6-9 months from the signing of the lease until the store opens. This time frame varies based on location.

Q. What options do I have to get financing?
A. There are many different financial options. Some included the following:
1) SBA – This is most common
2) Term Loans
3) Private Loans

Q. Does Berry Blendz offer financing?
A. No, not at this time.

Q. How do I select my store location and will Berry Blendz help me?
A. Absolutely, Berry Blendz will help you with your site selection by completing a market analysis and by evaluating the demographics and geographics of the surrounding area. Please see the FDD for complete details.

Q. When I open a Berry Blendz, do I have rights to a certain area?
A. You have a 3 mile radius around your store with non-exclusive rights and a first rights of refusal. Please see the FDD for complete details.

Q. Are multiple franchise and area developer rights available?
A. Yes, please contact us for more information

Q. When can I expect to be profitable?
A. It varies by location and market as well a franchise management. As in any business, we cannot predict earnings or profitability

Q. What type of training does Berry Blendz offer?
A. Berry Blendz provides a full week of training including classroom training and on-the-floor training at a Berry Blendz location. (Franchisee is responsible for travel expenses) We also offer ongoing franchise support.

Q. What is the next step in opening my own Berry Blendz franchise?
A. Simply fill out the website application and we will help you get started!

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